October 9, 2011
Hello, you

I just need a place to tell my life stories semi-anonymously.

I tend to think about my childhood to figure out why I am the way I am now; why I do things and think certain ways. I want to figure out the roots of all my fears, grudges, loves, hates, everything. I want to figure out the present me through the past me. 

I’m a bit narcissistic in ways that I over-analyze everything that has ever happened to me. Any exchange of behaviors ranging from long conversations to tiny body movements like a glance in my direction could have me pondering about what I did right or wrong for days. 

I wanted a place to let all of those thoughts out, tell all of my stories from birth to high school. It’s alot to cover. But it’s everything that matters to me. I’m so hung up on the past, words don’t explain.

Anyways, here I am. I’m about to tell you all of my secrets.

PS This won’t JUST be self-centered rambles. 

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